This represents a project primarily involving decor and minimal on-site installation

  • The Preliminary Phase encompasses our call, the initial meeting, and if applicable the proposal. it’s an opportunity to see  if we are a good fit in terms of design ideas and our ability to communicate well with each other. The design process takes time and has built-in challenges.  I want you to feel confident that I’m the right designer for you and this will be a satisfying, fun journey together.
  • The Exploration Phase is where I get to know you and your home better -- Your priorities, your hopes and how you want to enjoy life in your space.
  • The Design Phase is where the magic happens - putting together a look  that will thrill you.
  • The Implementation Phase covers the construction, purchasing and installation logistics.

Preliminary Phase - The Initial Design Session / Proposal

  • We’ll  meet at your home and find out what you are hoping to accomplish.
  • We’ll look at inspiration images -- from your files and from mine -- to begin refining a design direction
  • We’ll define the scope of work, which will allow me to develop an estimate based on your budget and the number of design hours it will take to complete your project.
  • We’ll tackle some of your design issues on the spot, and at the end of the session I’ll e-mail you my notes.
  • My commitment is that you get value from the session, whether or not you decide to move forward with CAVdesign for your project.

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Package, Proposal, and Deposit

If it feels like a good fit and you’d like to continue working together, I’ll send you an estimate for the design of your project with specific deliverables, along with a contract to sign and welcome packet.

Phase Two - Exploration

  • Kick off meeting - Once you have signed the contract and paid the deposit, we’ll schedule your kick-off meeting (1.5-2 hours)
  • How do you want to live in your space? -  We’ll talk about how you use your space, what style feels like a good fit, and what your specific needs are.
  • Computer drawing - I’ll measure and 3-d computer draw the key areas during this meeting- I’ll get your space into my laptop (tight squeeze, yes) so I have a ‘virtual version’ of your room or home to work with off-site.

Phase Three - Design Phase

  • Style Review  -   We’ll create a shared Pinterest board for your project to share inspiration images,  look at favorite things you already own, and begin to define your personal style.

  • Furniture layout -  I’ll send you a video walk-through representing the arrangement, size and location of key pieces.
  • Design Boards - As soon as we have an approved furniture plan,  I’ll prepare design boards with recommended pieces for you to approve. There will be two options or ‘looks’. We’ll meet in person to go over what works and what doesn’t, and make a list of any items that need to be substituted.
Screenshot 2017-12-11 09.44.35.png
  • Bidding - if your project involves outside contracting or vendors these elements will be bid out for approval

Phase Four - Implementation

NOTE: For furniture and decor projects vs. custom work and remodeling, this will vary by project

  • Finalizing furniture selections - We’ll finalize furniture, upholstery,and key accessories..
  • Purchasing and Delivery  - We’ll work out the purchasing plan (I buy and we share my discount, you buy, etc.).  Unless arranged otherwise, all deliveries are received and inspected at an off-site warehouse and held until installation date
  • Installation Day - I will schedule an installation day to receive items from the warehouse, place furniture, and hang artwork with the help of my team. For more complex installations this may involve several visits. 
  • Accessorizing  - we’ll review any additional accessories for purchase. I’ll do an accessory shopping session with your approved budget and will bring in items to complete the look, readying the space for a photo session to document the transformation.

Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch or schedule a call.