FAQ's for Design Coaching Sessions


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? $295 within the primary service area.

WHAT KINDS OF RESULTS OR TAKEAWAYS CAN I EXPECT FROM OUR DESIGN SESSION?  Design sessions are built around your needs. Here are some examples of what we might accomplish during  your session (one of the below, not all!).


  • Measurements and drawing of your proposed kitchen with a BASIC cabinet and appliance layout (base cabinets/floor plan only). This would be an evaluation and visualization tool, not drawings for final construction.
  • Suggestions for materials and finishes.


  • A furniture layout that incorporates some existing pieces and suggestions for sizes of new pieces.
  • Specific pieces that may work in your space
  • Specific retailers that would suit your taste and needs


  • A list by trade of who should do what, in what order.
  • Ideas for dividing your project into phases and prioritizing the project
  • A reality check on budget and expectations
  • Feedback on any estimates you may have received


  • Evergreen information that you can use to move your project forward -- whether we continue together or not.
  • An introduction to working together to ‘test the waters’ while solving some design issues in real time.
  • An opportunity to see if your project, budget, and timeline are a good fit for CAVdesign (and vice-versa) , and if so, whether it would be a full-service design or design package.
  • If a full-service package is to be considered, what the scope of work would be so a proposal can be created.

HOW LONG ARE THE SESSIONS, AND WHAT IF I WANT MORE TIME WHILE YOU ARE THERE?  Design sessions are 1.5 hours. If we are ‘on a roll’ and scheduling permits, sessions can be extended at the hourly rate of $150 per hour (30 minute minimum).

HOW DO YOU FOLLOW UP OR DELIVER THE ‘TAKEAWAY’ ITEMS? At the end of our session I will send you an email with notes, screenshots and/or links -- whatever we covered during the session.

CAN YOU GIVE ME A TOTAL PRICE FOR MY JOB?  Unfortunately not -- here’s why:  Because design projects are complex and often involve outside labor (contractors, painters, tradespeople) I am not able to provide total project estimates. However I can provide the following information:

  • Whether one option will be more costly than another
  • Whether your budget and expectations are realistic for the work you'd like to get done

After we discuss the scope of the work, I can develop  an estimate for the design portion of the project.

DURING OUR DESIGN SESSION CAN YOU PROVIDE ME WITH RECOMMENDATIONS FOR CONTRACTORS, PAINTER, UPHOLSTERERS, ETC.? I don’t provide trade and labor contacts unless I am going to oversee the project on a Full-Service design basis.  I am happy to suggest retailers, just not contractors.

Want to go over your project with me? If you have not done so yet, you can schedule a complimentary phone consultation here.