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Before I worked with Jennifer I had run out of ideas for making my apartment work better for our family. I was really stuck and she was quick to grasp what we needed and how to accomplish it. Her idea for repurposing a wasted space in the apartment into a fort/hideaway for my son was inspired, and she also came up with some budget friendly ideas for creating a custom look using IKEA pieces. It was a fun process, and a huge relief to finally have a plan that I could take action on right away.

-Julie G., Park Slope, Brooklyn

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Jennifer quickly grasped the key problems with our space. She came up with some great ideas on the spot, and her ideas were very “do-able”. She also had a good understanding of our style and taste, and kept her ideas along the same lines. She made it fun and stress-free. It was more than worth it!

-Malin J., Brooklyn, NY