Restoration Hardware : Industrial strength kid design!

Maybe you're a fan of the industrial revolution, or maybe you want to remind your kid that if it weren't for grandpa's hours at the factory he wouldn't even have a room, so cut the complaining. Either way,

Restoration Hardware Baby and Child

has got the goods if you don't care for pastel colored furniture. Cold rolled steel, zinc, antiqued wood, stencils and vintage prints add to the patina -- and,  may I say, I like having the option.

A metal hamper Toy Box, which mysteriously disappeared when I checked back for the info...see the photoshop magic below.

Really like this --synonym flash cards as art

A great idea for hanging pieces on rotating display

The Foundry Metal Cubby System reminds me of prison stripes, but in a good way.

The Mason Activity Table Simple, cool, and they won't outgrow it.