I wasn't sure how to begin again after the long Fall disappearance of Brooklyn Twig.  I contemplated explaining the multitude of 'reasons' and 'circumstances', but I think over time it will all unfold if need be.I'll just say that I was called back by this bowl of flowers. It was spotted at a temporary store on Smith Street, called -- appropriately -- Handmade for the Holidays, at 343 Smith Street. They have extended their stay, so they are still around showing and selling items by artisans. In addition to flowers which will have a rotating palette, they have pottery, textiles, paintings, and jewelry, many by local artists. It was explained that the flower buds were recycled from discarded stems that could no longer be used  as part of an arrangement. Their new and different contribution as an object of beauty seemed a fitting metaphor for the new year -- an inspiration to find new uses, new angles, new ways to see the familiar. Happy New Year from Brooklyn Twig!