Get Twiggy With it!

When I was naming this blog, I polled friends with a slew of names and Brooklyn Twig was the one that consistently struck a note with people. Having grown up a city girl, I now feel most at home in Brooklyn. The community of other parents and their kids, the neighborhoods, the bits and pieces of nature mixed with the best of urban living all add up to a wonderful lifestyle. The twig obsession is a little harder to explain...but the truth is I have a long-standing affinity for twigs. I love the way nature sculpts them into a myriad of shapes, the way they grow while keeping a respectful distance from other twigs, the way they hold leaves, support fruit (I could go on and on...). But mostly I appreciate them as the smallest part of the tree that lead to the roots.I think of design as alive, growing, evolving and responding. It is part of our every day lives, and can also be a source of delight and beauty (as well as the opposite when it doesn't work). My hope is that the topics here on Brooklyn Twig will speak to the bigger picture of how design lives in our every day. And since conversations are a heck of a lot more interesting than monologues, if you have a comment, a question or contribution, please post!

Now, here are some favorite twig-based designs.... I got this wonderful stem vase at Los Poblanos lavender farm and B and B. They don't have online ordering but you can call them at 505-344.9297. I also highly recommend ordering the lavender hand salve while you're at it. These guys are in in New Mexico and are actually farmers, so it really works-- and it smells as pure as the ingredients -- wonderful!

From Urban Outfitters, their similar "pins and needles" scarf has a lovely gauzy weave with a wonderful pattern inspired by a forest. I like these cute branch hangers from The Container Store -- I can see using a few staggered on a wall in an entry.

On a larger scale, this Entwined Root Coat Stand from Vivaterra really makes a statement and would be a great counterpoint for a contemporary setting.

and I love these cast-iron twig skewers from one of my favorite sources, Uncommon Goods. I think they could be repurposed for lots of things (support for a sagging orchid?). Any ideas?

There will certainly be more twigs where this came from, along with DIY ideas, 'Field-Trip Fridays' and design tips for HomeNomads (a.k.a. renters), so I hope you'll keep checking in!