A/D show, Go Brooklyn!

While browsing the Architectural Digest show, I noticed some fantastic Brooklyn-based designers I wanted to highlight: Aviva Stanoff makes one of a kind textiles by actually pressing objects into the fabric. I can't explain it but the results are beautiful. She also makes glass accessories, which I can't wait to see.

Eskayel makes beautiful wallpaper 'excerpted' from original figurative watercolors. Kind of like Rorschachs for your wall.

Patrick Weder creates furniture made of Corian and walnut -- he has an amazing mid-century style shelving system that combines the best of slick new materials with natural edge wood. Sexy! Oso Industries was showcasing the "Burn Shelf" made of cast concrete and designed to look like burned wood. It can be made in many colors and has a very handsome stainless bracket that adds to the impact. Oso also does other furniture using cast concrete, including custom work. So it's not a Brooklyn thing, but I couldn't keep myself away from the Canvas booth. My imaginary beach house is filled with this stuff... http://canvashomestore.com