CAVdesign kitchen feature in Woman's Day

Woman's Day Remodeling and Makeovers

featured a design project that I recently completed in its November issue, available now on news stands.

This kitchen was part of a larger renovation project that I did here in Brooklyn.  The entire project included a second kitchen and three bathrooms.  The kitchen featured below was custom built by Empire Cabinet and Marble in Brooklyn, and the contractor I used was Modern Concepts.  I highly recommend both, and I'm sure you can see why:

Going from a poorly designed, dark space, this was a great transformation for the clients, a family of four.   I knew the key to this job would be making the hub of this family's active lifestyle as calm and organized as possible, while keeping everyone happy--with a dedicated space for wine storage and dad's much-used expresso machine.  You can look at even more details from this project on the CAVdesign site.

One of my favorite pieces in this project was the magnetic board.  You might remember my DIY Tips for making your own magnetic board from last Spring.  (If not, you can click HERE to refresh your memory.) Another item in this kitchen that really customizes the project is the custom photo of the client's aunt that you see above, on the fold.  Like I've said before, custom art makes a huge difference when trying to set your space apart.

It's always great to be in the magazine, but this was especially cool since it was my photographs and my project.  Thanks to Lisa Siglag for the nice ink and to Peter Walsh, the editor!

Check back in a few weeks for a more in depth look at the before and after (and thought process in between) for this kitchen renovation.