The Best of....West Elm

As you know from previous posts, one of my favorite activities is to cull the best design, at the best prices from both larger retailers and unknown sources. So when it's catalog season (now) I really can have some fun. I generally like the design coming from West Elm, but I do tell clients to see the pieces in person. There are sometimes quality or comfort issues, particularly on upholstered pieces,  which don't show up in photos. Having said that, I'm really excited about the look of things this season and there are some great pieces here that add texture and shape and will 'play well with others'.  West Elm has updated their logo and website, including a "We Love" tab with links to other sites of interest such as Pratt and Aid to Artisans. They are collaborating with other designers, and making an effort to connect more personally with their customer and community. Works for me.

Most of these pieces have modern lines, and a mix of materials or texture which will give your room warmth without clutter.

Click on the photos to go to the links.

First, a fantastic LED desk lamp, co-designed by Pratt Students.  $129 -- remember that LED's almost NEVER need to be replaced Pratt LED Table Lamp

This woven pendant is modern and adds texture and warmth to a contemporary room Woven Veneer Pendant

The Clark Sofa leans back to form a bed/lounge for guests or just spreading out. I would double check the stability on this piece in the reclined position, but it looks great and the price is fantastic. $899  Clark Sofa, Faux-Suede Poly, Light Camel

This Stackable chair has a really great shape reminiscent of a school chair.  $99 or a set of 4 for $396 (I'm no mathamatician, but isn't that, like the same price?? C'mon guys)

Stackable Chair The Kite Kilim rug is new, and is a great piece for adding pattern without color. It is a great example of how Native-American patterns integrate with modernism. Clearly an influence to be explored in a future post... A 5'x8' is $299 Kite Kilim Rug This pattern appear on other items as well:

A handloomed pillow at $29 Handloomed Diamond Pillow Cover

And this chair: $299 (yes, that's right) Upholstered Slipper Chair

More texture and pattern... this handloomed pillow, also $39 Handloomed Ikat Pillow Cover

Since I collect wood, twigs, and branches I've often thought of making this, but making a stand is a project I just haven't gotten to. For $49 this is yours... Teak Wood Root

Simple, clean, and again it adds subtle texture with a modern sensibility: 32" diameter, $199 Round Wood Mirror

This glam mirror side table next to a velvet sofa... $199

Faceted Mirror Side Table

A Bone Side table with great lines and a mix of materials. Also $199 Bone Side Table

For Storage, consider these: $39-$79 Soft Jute Collection

Or these -- I like the low one a lot: $59 Ikat Woven Collection

Let me know what you think, and I'll keep up my 'best of' posts