Camping in style

Truth is, I'm not much of a camper. But these stylish pieces may just get me out in the woods (on an air mattress, thank you).  If not, I think they'd look great in any outdoor space, and even indoors (except the firepit). They're from Snowpeak, a company I discovered at the ICFF.  Great design, fair pricing --my favorite combination.

First, the Hozuki LED Light, which has a 'candle flicker mode' for added atmosphere. $89

The folding Bamboo Chairis very comfortable, as well as great-looking. $129

This is the Pack and Carry Fireplace, which also makes a great little firepit (you only need the base plate and fireplace for that). The small model is $115 and it looks great folded!

And for cleanup, the Oshiburi towel, reusable hand towel which comes in an antibacterial container which inhibits mildew and other bacteria. $20 at Happy Trails...