Upcycling by Danny Seo

My pal Danny Seo's Upcycling book that got some great ink last week by Apartment Therapy's Daily Finds blog last week:

In case you don't know him, Danny is an environmental lifestyle expert with a really great website and blog that highlights how his creative mind works when coming up with his awesome design projects.  Like Maxwell at Apartment Therapy, I can't recommend his book enough.  And I can't tell you how excited I was to work with him as the photographer for Upcycling. Here are just a few of my favorite projects from the book:

These are books recycled into 'vases' A 'stained glass window' made from tape

floating flowers -- the trick is that they are plastic!

Recycled bottles find new life at Danny's hands

Ever wonder what you could do with a whole lot of carpet samples? Danny does!

Danny has some great posts on his site about the things that inspire him and why.  He just put up a post of pictures that have inspired him. Thanks Danny, your enthusiasm and ingenuity always inspire me!

Here's Danny making plain pillowcases beautiful...

Happy Sunday!