Are there things that are broken or don’t work smoothly, and every time you come across them you feel that momentary annoyance -- and then you forget about it until the next time you come across it and it annoys you -- again? 
I finally got around to fixing a few of those very small things recently and it really is a life changer. Now, when I make coffee I don’t have to unplug the blender to plug in the grinder. Solution? a 3-way plug. That bulb in the bathroom -- finally changed it.  Transferring items from purse to purse and losing track in the process? Got a ‘Purseket’. The hipster in me resisted, but it works so well to streamline things and the polka-dot pattern is actually very cute. None of these things take much time to do, but what a difference they make. 
My burst of 'organizational energy' was in part inspired by my recent work with professional organizer Amanda Wiss of UrbanClarity. She made some great suggestions and helped me not only with the physical space but with creating systems for easily maintaining order in my business as well as personal life.
What have you been tolerating that bugs you?
What small thing can you do today to make things go just a little smoother? Just pick one!
Here are some links to my favorite organizing tools and some of the handy items that have made a difference for me in “taking care of business”. 

TeuxDeux -- By Swiss-Miss design and lifestyle blogger, this streamlined web-based to-do list is easy to look at, and has a matching iPhone app. 

Purseket -- A bag insert that can be transferred from bag to bag.
Evernote -- This is what I use for all of my design notes. You can clip web pages, add multiple tags, and sort. I have categories ranging from apps I’ve come across to faucets to design inspiration. Evernote also has a companion iPhone app.  
3 way plug -- This one solved the “behind the file cabinet” problem. Also handy are flat plugs for behind furniture to send extension cords out.
Do you have one of these problems that you can't solve? Let me know...