Spring Cleaning

Last week I was sweeping my kitchen and heard a little ‘clack’. When I turned to where the sound came from (the stove) I saw this little yellow tag on the floor:

Remove and Discard. Now I’m not a person who is always on the lookout for ‘a sign’, but this one was pretty clear. Time to get cracking on cleaning up.

Here are some of my practical and inspirational sources to get started on a Spring cleaning project.

The Container Store - will inspire you to put away your Winter clothes, color-code your closet hangers, and find a display box for your kid’s signed baseball (guilty as charged...)

Stacks and Stacks - See above, plus furniture, kid’s things and a lot of everything. But remember, this is about NOT accumulating.

Easy Closets.com - If you have a DIY skills and want a custom closet without the expense, this company does an amazing job.

And for purging:


Shredit.com - Mobile document shredding -- you can even organize a community shred in your neighborhood. It's a party! a stoop sale! Just don't turn on the sprinklers at the same time or it will become a paper-making experiment. 

Here are a couple of personal favorites. The David Allen book is focused on productivity, but the byproduct is reducing paper clutter.

I loved the Karen Kingston book, and Feng Shui practitioners will tell you how important it is to declutter and keep stagnant energy from accumulating. Just skip the part about your colon...

I don’t expect my Kitchenaid to eject messages on a regular basis (like those mechanical amusement park fortune-tellers), but I will make a point of cleaning more often under the stove -- just in case.