Nw Years Resolutions

I'm noticing a pattern with my New Years thinking: less is more. It seems like it's about having less, and doing more. Most of these resolutions are an extension of stuff I've been working on already, and I've actually made a little headway on it, but there is a lot of room for improvement . I'd like to lose a few more pounds (I actually accomplished the first phase of this recently using Tim Ferris' 4 hour body).

  • get rid of of 'out of service' items including furniture, books, and clothes. If it doesn't sell on Craig's List, donate it.
  • keep my office tidier.
  • wear the clothing that gets neglected
  • blog more, have fun doing it,  and provide lot's of value with  my blog
  • expand my virtual audience and community and have more of an exchange
  • provide a quick turnaround on work with clients
  • take a few hours a week to get out and look at things -- stores, fabricators (like a cabinet maker or metal worker), museums- places I might find surprises and inspiration and get out from behind the computer. This always ends up as a last priority so it is the first thing to go (along with exersise)
  • tackle my own home improvement and decorating projects, specifically, building the Lyndsey Adelman knock-off chandelier (sanctioned by her! see ....) for the dining room, getting artwork up in the living room, and making the bedroom feel finished.
  • become a happier cook (which I enjoy in theory, but not when it feels like an obligation at the end of the day when I'm tired)
  • delegate work appropriately so I have more time (this is the year I'd like to try a virtual assistant AND I plan on getting my son to pick up after himself more)
  • Stay on one task at a time (i just discovered egg timer, which helps.)
  • structure my time well so I can do all the above -- This one really is about creating a daily schedule and list. I love lists but I cant seem to commit to a format -- I vacillate between jotting a few things on paper, the elegant 'teux deux', stickies, the notes  app in mac. It's a matter of keeping something I can add to offline and online. This is a big issue for me!