Easy to Assemble, with Illeana Douglas

I just came across Illeana Douglas's web series Easy to Assemble.   Now in its third season, the show follows Illeana's (she plays herself) quest to lead a normal, non-actor's life by working in an Ikea.  But, of course, it's hard to escape Hollywood... in Burbank.
Actor's Anonymous
While I can't call myself the show's number one fan (Bored to Death has set the bar pretty high), it's a fun, quirky love note to IKEA, and I am certainly a fan of that.  Plus, being Illeana Douglas, she pulls in huge cameos by actors like Justine Bateman, Jane Lynch, and Ed Begley, to name a few.  New episodes air on MyDamnChannel, and if you love it, you can catch up on seasons one and two there as well.