Twisted Toile

Toile patterns originally depicted flower arrangements or pastoral scenes, like tea-parties, but I've been noticing quite a few modern wallpaper interpretations of this very detailed, traditional style. They range from the subtle to playful, to downright racy!

Playful Toiles:

Flavorpaper has this wonderful Chinatown Toile

Cars Go Beep II from Studio Printworks

Toile de Derby  from Flat Vernacular

Trash Day Toile from Studio Printworks

Sexy Toiles:

The very sexy Toile de Joui from the French K-Lou Designs - this one really goes over the top, don't let the kids see!

Flavor Paper created this Sassy Toile with some pretty evocative scenes!

Urban Toiles This is the one that got is started for me, it's actually a fabric from Pierre Frey, , but would make a wonderful wallpaper!

Edinburgh Toile also by Timorous Beasties

I saw this Shiela Bridges design, Harlem Toile at an exhibit and was struck by it's simple message

Here's what she says:


NYC  scenes created by Town Toiles. They also have toiles for Nantucket, San Francisco, Charleston, and Tampa, among others!

On closer inspection, Alysian Fields (from Flavor Paper) has bats in the flower patch

Another great one from Flavor Paper, although more of a Damask than a Toile, City Park has beautifully depicted fire hydrants and parking meters