Thanksgiving Grace

It doesn't matter if you are going over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house to celebrate with family, staying in the city to dine out with friends, or serving your own Thanksgiving feast this year, adding a bit of the grace of the season to your holiday decor can add warmth to your home and invitation to your guests.

Whether it's a welcoming doorway greeting, or occasional table decorations, the autumn harvest bounty can be a source for both inspiration and materials with which to decorate.

cute candle                       Fall centerpiece

Perfect Thanksgiving Vase Fillers

But just as eating and good food is the highlight of the day, so should the dinner table be the center of attention...

Fall the mix!

Thanksgiving Table Decorations Thanksgiving table decorations

From simple...

Thanksgiving table decorations

To more elegant... Thanksgiving table decorations   Thanksgiving table decorations   Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Let your table be a reminder of the day...

gratitude      gratitude