Simple wood details

Whenever things come in threes, I pay close attention. Perhaps it's the stylist in me (old styling rule: always use groups of three flowers, books, etc.).  Three recent blog posts just spoke to me,  and they said simple wood detailing -- not necessarily expensive millwork -- adds so much character to a space. Then the DIY part of me said, some of these things could be easily accomplished with a visit to the lumber yard, a saw, a mitre box, and some liquid nails. I won't go into any how-to's here, but I'm thinking about it...

Living Inside This bathroom proves that you can reinterpret traditional elements like wainscotting for a completely contemporary effect. Just beautiful!

 The  cutout drawer pulls  add to the graphic quality of this cozy nook.

Doesn't look hard to do, does it?

The varying width of the wall boards add texture and are a good counterpoint to the formal composition of the furniture.
This was from an old CB2 catalog. Look at that neat whitewashed plywood wall.
Exposed lathe in Darryl Carter's bathroom.
Don't forget the ceilings...
 Plywood ceilings (and some walls too)
Imagine this space without the ceiling detail, and you'll realize how much dimension it adds.