Mirrored Furniture - add some glam to your space

Full disclosure: I've never actually owned a piece of mirrored furniture (other than a mirror!), BUT I think it's a great addition to a bedroom and to spaces that could use a little extra sparkle. I've actually been on the hunt for some mirrored pieces for a project and have found a few that I really love. I started out looking at my 'go-to' source for mirrors, which is Horchow. They have a great selection, and the pieces are photographed well so you can really see them clearly -- that makes a big difference for me. There are a few other good mirrored furniture sources, including Nieman Marcus and Glamfurniture.com which I just discovered -- they have some great pieces at reasonable prices. Here are a few picks: I really like the simplicity and modern lines of this desk / dressing table

A simple mirrored desk from Nieman Marcus 

Love the combo of the wooden legs and mirrored top, sometimes all mirror is just too much for me...

Solomon Console from Horchow

This could work in a variety of spaces, from a seaside home to a contemporary bedroom. Love the tinted glass which would mix well with a neutral palette of grays, tans, and organic textures.

Harbors console from Horchow

The brass legs really make it for me on these! great shape

Stella Nesting Tables from Horchow

If you want a focal point -- this should do the trick!

Deirdre Mirrored Console from Nieman Marcus

There's something classic about this that really appeals.

Tuxedo Mirrored Chest

Tuxedo Mirrored Chest from Glamfurniture.com

This is just such a fun piece -- could see it at a beach house (hmm, my mind must be on the beach since it's 24 degrees outside)

Arteriors Natalie Gloss White Mirrored Screen