Cottage by the lake

Some people go to school for design, and some just have a knack for effortlessly putting together a room. Ken Banta and Tony Powe fall into the latter category. They have pulled together a wonderful, eclectic cottage in Copake, New York, and have now added a charming rental cottage next door which is equally stylish.  Part of the winning formula is a mix of old and new, with much of the old coming from local antique shops near the house. I went on one shopping trip with them and was completely amazed with the sheer volume of the local sources -- huge warehouse-like spaces filled with chairs, cupboards, chests of drawers. It took some stamina, a tapemeasure, a well-timed auction,  and a good eye for editing, but in 24 hours they found most of the key pieces for the rental cottage. I've never seen anyone decorate so fast, and so well!
The cottage can be rented by the weekend or by the week.  Pictures of the cottage and rental info can be found on this link:
The comfy livingroom, where old and new play well together
They commissioned a local craftsman to create the steel shelves over the fireplace
The faux birch was painted -- I love the unexpected high paintings, along with the low window frame
More skilled trompe-l'oeil in the hall
This is NOT painted! It's the lovely view  from the front deck.