The Wallpaper Bar

It's probably the idea of a bar -- any bar -- that caught my attention while browsing in Nolita last week. It was that kind of week.This is really user-friendly idea from Haus Interiorin Nolita: a dedicated section where you can browse wallpaper books, categorized by style, rather than by vendor. This means that if you are looking for textured papers, you can go straight to that book and bypass the burnout of looking through pages and pages of options that are not right for you.

I like the aesthetics of these simple books with their clean type and muted linen covers. And if you do find something you like, they will even help you find an installer.

While you are there, take a look at the well-edited selection of accessories, like this card display rack, that looks interesting on its own (kind of like the inside of a box-spring mattress). Well priced at $34

This contemporary take on shaker boxes
and this woven, glass-topped side table