More notes from Washington DC: Unexpected design inspirations

I always am on the lookout for interesting graphics when I travel, and D.C was no exception. What did surprise me is where I found inspiration: at the Air and Space Museum, in sidewalk grates, and with the local snack trucks.

An engineer sees dials, I see awesome clock designs.

Did you know Amelia Earhart had her own clothing line? What a great label.

I don't know what it is about Russian writing and numbers, but I just want to turn it into art and textiles (think oblong pillows...)

While waiting in line at the National Archives, I admired these self-styled snack trucks.

Yes, I know it's a metro grate, but what about  a tile pattern? A fabric?

I actually got the tile idea from my friend and extraordinary tile artist Erin Adams. Her posts on where she finds inspiration opened my eyes to seeing pattern in a new way. You can check out her terrific posts (and a lot of great images) at Tile Envy

Seen any interesting graphics in unexpected places? Send links for me to post!