Lighting finds at Home Depot & Target

Lets start with a couple of terrific deals from Home Depot. I found them at the 23rd street Manhattan store, but I would think they could be special ordered from other stores if they don't carry them. And if you've never been to the Home Depot on 23rd, you should go. It's like going to the Ritz instead of a Super-8.  There's a concierge!

This Crystal Chandelier is glam, chic and very reasonably priced! Looks a lot like another lamp I've seen for a lot more...

This White Glass Table Lamp has gone on sale for $29.99. That's crazy. Just buy it. I recommended it (at $49) for my last couple of One Day Design Solution clients. Reminds me of a designer/former potter who now has his own namesake home furnishing store...

From, one of my favorite sources for bargain lighting, the Stacked Geo Table Lampwhich is $39.99

The Flagger Table lamp, which is fairly small and works great on bedside tables. $19.99, and it's heavy enough not to tip over all the time.

I also really like this Swivel Desk Lamp at $39.99.