Field Trip Friday - Save Haven

I was recently walking down Lafayette Street and a very cool store caught my eye. The store is SAVE HAVEN but what I actually noticed was the "HOBBY & HARDWARE" letters in the front window.

Inside, the mission was clear, and the presentation, impeccable:

This was the first thing that caught my eye - cut nails are used in masonry --and horseshoeing. What a neat way to display them!

Measuring cups - $10 for small, $14 for large

Ceramic flask -- a tasteful take on warming up with a nip... $75

One of my faves -- the lines are actually stitched. Pilo Gift tag, set of 4: $14

canvas utility aprons and totes act as soft wall sculpture

The rustic and chic Design House Stockholm Bjork Ottoman $240.

A soapdish made of soapstone. Simple and lovely. $14

This is a great example of a well-edited store, with some wonderful gift options. And you will be inspired by the simple and tasteful way they've set things up. I'm thinking of painting my next pegboard with chalkboard paint, but I don't think I could do such a tidy job on the map...

Save Haven, 317 Lafayette Street NYC