Bklyn Designs and the lonely blogger

Helloooo folks,  anyone out there? No comments, nothin. Guess I'm feeling a little lonely in the blogosphere, so please, if you have anything at all to share, please join the conversation and leave a comment. In the mean time, I'll take the hint from this sign I saw recently, because it reminds us that nothing is erfect.

Last week I headed over the the Brooklyn Design Show, and was left wishing for more, and more different, and just more! I know they are limited by the size of the venue, but that creates a real challenge in making it a destination.  If they can't expand, they should consider diversifying --  there must be more folks in Brooklyn making furniture in materials other than wood, for example. On the plus side, I did see some of my old favorites from the A/D show, Eskayel wallpaper and Aviva Stanoff  and I had a terrific chicken and kimchi wrap from the Rice stand. I also discovered the snug-it system by ecosystems furniture,  a metal bracket that connects 3/4" wood together in a honeycomb shape to form everything from shelves, to chairs, to beds. It requires no tools for assembly, and in addition to their stock pieces, custom work is a snap (sorry...). They use a lot of salvaged wood for their ready to assemble furniture, but any piece of 3/4" material will do. At the show they had a grid you could fill in to design your own pieces. This is why The London Financial Timeswrote a piece on them entitled Lego for the design-savvy adult.

Check out their site for this and more interesting work -- all eco-friendly.