Sharing the Love

I'm so inspired when designers share their secrets -- a great fabricator, an insider tip, the name of  her favorite contractor, or even a bit of trusted advice.  So I was absolutely blown away when I was perusing Lindsey Adelman's site and saw that she posted a Do It Yourself guide to replicating her breathtaking signature Bubble Series lighting, pictured  below.

The original -- absolutely beautiful, admittedly expensive

DIY versions, instructions generously provided by Lindsey herself
Like a lot of professionals, the site says that Lindsey began her career fooling around with different materials and pairing them together to her own tastes. After developing and refining her homespun designs and enjoying wild success, she is giving interested readers all the help they could ever ask for by offering downloadable instructions as well as providing sources for materials so that they can create their own, wallet-friendly 'Bubble Lamp' (minus the handblown glass shades)  at home.  DIY doesn't get any better.
I was so inspired by Lindsey's generous spirit, and as someone who loves to play with materials her story really spoke to me.
Thanks, Lindsey, for showing us how it's done.
Check out the entire catalog of DIY projects on Lindsay Adelman's site HERE.