My Birthday List, Just In Case You were Wondering

So my birthday is next month, and I've decided that I want some tools.  Not a completely-out-of-the-blue decision since I work around a lot of them... and because I've run into the Bladerunner infomercial repeatedly over the last few months while up late at night.After about the forty-fifth time I saw the ad, there was absolutely nothing I "needed" more than the Bladerunner...until I took the initiative to research what I planned to do with it, that is.  It was that light of day practicality which led me to this slick Hitachi ITK 10-Inch Miter Saw with Laser:

A little more research-- and list making-- led me to this Cordless 18 Guage Brad Nailer as well:
Just thinking about the things I could do with these tools: cutting trim, making picture frames, putting up moulding, and a multitude of other ideas I hope I'll put into action soon.  I know getting the tools does not make it happen, but I'm going to be a year older and wiser before I know it.  Hopefully this year...


Any project dealing with wood details will be much easier with the Mitre saw and the brad nailer.
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