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Because of our New York Magazine coverage we’ve got a  bunch of new projects in the works. They are all in the early stages of construction though. So, for this week's 'site visit', we asked Jennifer of CAV Design to give us a tour of a kitchen renovation she finished in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn just under a year ago. Below are some images of the project and you can check out this awesome video as well!

The client for this project, a travel writer who loves to cook, was looking for a more streamlined and functional kitchen for his young family. Jennifer explained that one of the constraints she was working with in the redesign was a limited budget. This was of no consequence in the end, as she beautifully pulled off a custom look with an Ikea kitchen!

Here’s Jennifer, owner of CAV Design.

A couple  of 'before' shots. The clients weren't totally satisfied with the look and functionality of their existing kitchen.

Inside, we can see one of the biggest flaws of the existing kitchen--the stove is located immediately adjacent to a wall! Hope none of the chefs here were left-handed...

And here's a head-on view of the great changes CAV Design brought. Working with these Nexus Brown Ikea cabinets (no longer available, sorry!), Jennifer was able to increase the available storage by expanding the island, as well as running cabinets up to the ceiling. The ceiling-high cabinetry also reduces dust space overhead, and creates an appealing effect of built-ins!

Jennifer knew that major changes to the appliances would end up causing problems with the budget later on. Taking this into account she was able to make some subtle, yet substantial improvements. The oven was moved to the right by 12".  This added  some space for a narrow cabinet. Then, to avoid the overbearing look of 2 appliances next to each other, the dishwasher was replaced and perfectly camouflaged with a Nexus Brown Ikea dishwasher!

For the new floor, Jennifer went with an oversize ceramic tile, 12" x 24" in "Roca Azila" from Brooklyn's Galactic Tiles. Counter-intuitively, large floor tiles can make a small space look bigger.

Great work & big thanks, CAV Design!

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