You Are Here

I've always had a fascination with graphs, charts and maps -- and years ago I did a series of charts and maps as artwork.  Most notable was the Map of Pauls, complete with a legend: " P equals one Paul"  and,  "It had become apparent I had ties to a disproportionately high number of Pauls"I'll say no more on this, since it will most likely get me into trouble.  Here for the first time, is the Map of Pauls.

I've also been a long-time admirer of the work of  Edward Tufte, who wrote The Visual Display of Quantitative Information and several other books. His latest is called Beautiful Evidence. And judging by the cover, it is indeed. The cover art is available as a series of prints. If you have your own dog, a pond, a flip phone, and a large format printer you could save yourself $2000 -- but if not, consider it a worthy investment.
And the catalyst for this post (and my dredging up of old artwork)  was my coming across the You Are Here rug, which I think is an extremely clever mix of conceptual art and design based on the color-by-number art of Trey Speegle.
5'x7', $398 at Anthropologie, and ready to hang on the wall should you wish.