Burning, Bright: The Pace Gallery

For anyone in New York between now and November 26, The Pace Gallery is showing an exhibit called Burning, Bright about the history incandescent light bulb. With laws in effect around the world to phase out incandescent light bulbs in favor of more energy-efficient  fluorescent and LED bulbs, this is a timely exhibit featuring inspiring work by artists like Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Claes Oldenburg, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, and others.
Arman Chandelier, 1980
Throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, the light bulb has been an essential part of the artist's process.  Providing illumination and inspiration, the incandescent light bulb replaced candles and sunlight as both the utilitarian means for producing work and as the symbolic source of brilliance.
Lamp No. 2
Zhang Xiaogang Lamp No. 2, 2009
For designers of course, light is integral to all of our work.  I'm definitely going to check out this show the next time I take a Field Trip Friday into the City!