CB2 Shopping Roundup -- "Manly yes, but I like it too"

"MANLY, YES, BUT I LIKE IT TOO!" Irish Spring Soap commercial, 1982

If you never saw these (or weren't born...ahem) take a look. This was how women 'took their power' in 1982. 

If I were doing a bachelor pad, CB2 would be my first stop. They have cornered the market on sophisticated masculine - These aren't even the most "manly" pieces in the collection. But they all represent outstanding design at a reasonable price. Great design -- I like it too ;-)

This burnt orange velvet sofa is the new emerald green velvet sofa. You know who you are, emerald green sofa lovers! Clean lines, a tight back. and a boxy shape in really nice proportions - a winner. I love the floating effect. $1799 folks. 

At $1799 for a 3-seater, I'm liking it

At $1799 for a 3-seater, I'm liking it

I’ve had my eye on daybeds a lot lately. This one has a great combo of materials, with a metal finish on the bottom. $1999

I like this low slung chair - boho meets mid-century. $349

$349 - enough leftover for a cool pillow on the back!

$349 - enough leftover for a cool pillow on the back!

I’ve seen these around quite a bit (Serena and Lilly has something similar) but this version has that snappy black and white element that gives it a bit of a modern feel, making it a versatile and well-priced dining chair! $179



My practical side is always chugging away in the background...Demi-lune tables are a great fit for a narrow hallway, but a lot of them don’t feel modern. This one is, and I love the slim and minimal lines. $299

This table looks like something inspired by a sea urchin. It has that natural, anthropomorphic thing going on, along with a classic marble top. $499

Industrial, metal, and kinda sexy!  The Trace Wire Mesh Cabinet. $1199

I really like the facets on the new Flat Glass Pendant - gives it interest without adding too many details. And, at $149 I’m afraid it gives my old favorite from Schoolhouse Electric a run for the money...

Is it an upside down face? I’m not sure. It’s angled and sharp yet old fashioned (actually it has a bit of old victorian lady in there) But rather than pay for therapy I’d just buy the Aubrey Brass Chandelier.

Hello, 60 bucks? I’m in. Matte Black Industrial Wall Sconce


And finally, this Driftwood Object (their words, not mine).I’m a sucker for anything that looks like burnt driftwood. Must have been those beach parties… But seriously, this is the kind of piece that will raise the aesthetic level of a tablescape or shelf.  $79 or $95