3 Tools for Fearless Room Makeovers


Do you ever say, “I hate how my living room looks”?

Most of us have space in our home we don’t love – maybe a bathroom, bedroom or entry. But instead doing something about it many of us just live with it because we’re afraid of making an expensive room makeovers mistakes. Or we worry that we’ll spend a lot of money and energy on it and it won’t come together.

Redesigning your room doesn’t need to be intimidating. The key is to have a plan. Too many of us buy on impulse. Maybe we fall in love with something or run into a really great sale we just can’t pass up. Then we’re stuck with something that just doesn’t work.

You need a plan that includes three design tools that can make you fearless and confident as you approach your room redo project. Watch this 3-minute video to learn what they are:


So if you’ve ever felt afraid of spending big bucks on a piece of furniture or a room redesign and then not loving it, welcome to the club. We ALL feel that way, including me at times. What I’ve learned is how to deal with these problems through step-by-step processes, so I can minimize mistakes, take the fear out of getting started, and put the fun back in!

My Design Coach Series programs teach you step-by-step systems and techniques that you can apply to YOUR design project. Click here to learn more and make sure to grab a copy of my free ebook – 10 Steps to Your Perfect Room Makeover.