5 steps to Getting Started on your Room Redo

5 Steps to Get Your Room Redo Off on the Right Foot

When I begin a new endeavor, whether it’s setting up my website or running a 10k, I get a little overwhelmed in the beginning, especially if it’s out of my comfort zone. Somehow during those first steps, where I’m trying to figure out which direction I should go, I get stuck. And that can cause me to procrastinate, even though I know it should be a priority.

For a lot of people redesigning a space in their home is not exactly in their comfort zone. Have you ever felt like you had a great idea for your room but you weren't really sure where or how to begin? Has this led you to procrastinate?

Isn’t it true that once you get started it gets so much easier? Let me share five first steps you can take to get your room redo off on the right foot:

1. Discover what you like. If you haven’t already, start browsing to see what design styles you like. Here are a few of my favorites for looking:






and of course, pinterest and houzz!

2. Define what you like (with keywords). Take a very close look at what you like about the space that's inspiring you. Get analytical about it and make sure that what attract you are not unattainable architectural features like high ceilings or giant steel windows. Here are the kinds of things to put on your list: the teal/orange color palette; the neutral color palette with a mix of natural materials like fur, wood, leather, glass; the midcentury modern furniture; the deco style/mirrored furniture; the eclectic bohemian mix.  See if you can come up with keywords and phrases that capture your look. Why? It’s these keywords will help you search online for more examples of what you like as well as furniture and accessories that fit into your room redo project.

3. Create a manageable budget. If you spend any time on Pinterest or Houzz, many times what you are looking at – and loving – is very expensive! Create a budget for yourself and see if you can find alternatives to pieces that may be beyond reach. Some websites like copycatchic.com do a great job of showing ‘high/low’ versions of furniture that looks almost the same. Again, having keywords to describe what you are looking for will also help source bargain versions.


4. Put it on the calendar. You’ll increase your chances of enjoying a successfully completed room redo if you don’t plan to do it piecemeal. After all, it’s discouraging living in a half-done space when you started out with a ‘vision’. Make a plan on your calendar that takes into account delivery times for larger pieces, and have a finish date. You may want to plan a little ‘completion celebration’ that shares the new look with friends!

sample clear and prep_Page_1
sample clear and prep_Page_1

5. Don’t forget to measure - It’s a great feeling when you find a piece of furniture that is the perfect fit for your look. But it’s not a great feeling when it turns out it literally doesn’t fit well in your space! Make sure you measure the space it will be going into, as well as any doorways or hallways it will need to clear to get there.

These five first steps will help you get your room redo off to a great start. And once you have some momentum your design project will start to come together. I find that as soon you start seeing results it helps you stay the course and get it done! Would you like some tangible support in tackling your room redo? Click here to learn about my upcoming Design Coach Series, where I coach you through your entire room redo from start to finish. It’ll be fun – all you have to do is get started!