Before and After: A playroom transformed in a day

If you've ever watched HDTV you know that room makeovers are presented miraculously as though they took place overnight.  If you have ever worked with a designer however you know of course that's just not possible...the big 'reveal' is a rarity, and more often there is a much longer process involved to get to the final result. One reason is that you normally go through at least a couple of rounds of furniture ideas  work out all the kinks. Most people aren't ready to make a large purchase they'll be living with for a long time as a quick decision -- it takes time. In this case however I was hired to stage the playroom for purposes of selling the house. Using furniture the clients already had I supplemented with a few key pieces and rearranged the room to create a more inviting atmosphere. With a budget of $1200 the room was transformed.

Screenshot 2015-02-11 18.35.38

Here's what I identified as the key problems / solution

  • The furniture is haphazard and sits awkwardly in the space / rearranged the furniture plan to create designated zones, with a clear seating area
  • The corner of the room is cut off due to the sofa placement / moved the sofa to the other side and relocated a cabinet to anchor the corner
  • There is no focal point / placed artwork on the walls
  • Not enough color or warmth / added pillows and a knit pout, and defined the seating area with a graphic rug

The best part? All items were purchased from IKEA and Homegoods and installed in one day.  Finally, I got to enjoy my big 'design reveal' moment!